Jill Blackstone: Hollywood ‘Jerry Springer’ Producer Arrested For Murder Of Sister

Jill Blackstone, a well-known television show producer, has been arrested for the murder of her deaf sister in the San Fernando Valley. TMZ is reporting that Jill Blackstone was arrested for the murder of Wendy Blackstone, Jill Blackstone’s 49-year old sister. Jill Blackstone has since been released in connection with her sister’s murder — pending further investigation, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The murder came to the attention of police on Saturday, March 14, after they were dispatched to Studio City, California. When law enforcement officials arrived, they found the body of a white female lying unresponsive in the garage of the home. The victim was identified as 49-year old Wendy Blackstone. According to the police report, the garage reeked of carbon monoxide. Police also noted three dead dogs nearby.

When questioned by police, Jill Blackstone told them that her sister, who was hearing impaired, had “killed herself.” A suicide note at the scene was also recovered. After processing the scene, the body of Wendy Blackstone was transported to the local county coroner’s office for autopsy.

After further investigation, detectives believed that the suicide note had been fabricated and written by Jill Blackstone. She was taken into custody on Monday and held for $1 million bail. For now, she is a free woman and no charges have been filed against her.

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), Jill Blackstone has produced hit television shows such as Jerry Springer, The Tony Danza Show, Pat Croce Moving In, Divorce Court, and most recently Family Court With Judge Penny. Please check back as we continue to update this story.

Social media pages are actively engaging in conversations about this story. Here are some of their thoughts.

“Sally Jesse, Springer, Divorce Court..she sure likes drama!! Now supposedly killing. Wow.”

“Wow! You never know…”

“Killed the dogs? This bi***ch deserves the chair.”

“Will she be on the show?”

“You guys are all cracking jokes and a woman has died! Classy!!”

“Wow someone was murdered and people are joking. So sad. I hope the victims family doesn’t see these comnents.”

This shocking story comes on the heels of the murders of Cristie Codd, a Hollywood chef and former Next Food Network Star, and her husband J.T. Codd. according to a former report by the Inquisitr.

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