Can The ‘Grimm’ In Nick Love The Hexenbiest In Juliette? [Video]

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Grimm fans.

The writers for Grimm left fans hanging with that last episode, just before Grimm went on a month long hiatus, but the show is set to return on its new Friday 8/7c timeslot. Grimm lovers will finally be able to see Nick’s reaction to Juliette’s revelation that she is now a Hexenbiest, but, for those that can’t wait, a recent interview with Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette) provides a unique insight into what to expect, when Grimm resumes it’s fourth season.

That last episode of Grimm left fans feeling as shocked as Nick, when Juliette transformed into her dormant Hexenbiest right before Nick’s eyes, so Grimm‘s latest episode “Bad Luck” will focus on Nick’s reaction to that and whether or not his relationship with Juliette can endure such a devastating change. Can a Grimm and a Hexenbiest love one another?

“As an actress, this is really, really fun,” Tulloch said. “Juliette is a potent force. But right now, she’s really just scared of hurting Nick. I don’t think she realizes how powerful she is, and that’s going to be played out over the course of the rest of the season.”

Complicating matters for everyone on Grimm, Sean Renard is equally distraught by Juliette’s new condition, which will no doubt bring up old feelings. Past episodes of Grimm focused on a dynamic between Renard and Juliette that was brought about by a Hexenbiest spell cast by Adalind and, although that curse has been cured, there has always remained something lying just beneath the surface. This new wrinkle in the Grimm story may change the way Juliette moves forward with Renard as well.

“There’s some sort of magical component to these Hexenbiest, they’re very sexual, they’re like sirens. For someone like Renard, who’s derived from that lineage, it’s very powerful for him. I think it’s starting to happen with Juliette, as well. He can’t make sensible decisions when she’s around.”

Additional subplots in this week’s episode of Grimm will focus on Adalind, as she arrives back in Portland with the royals and reveals that she is again pregnant. Such news will definitely appeal to Viktor, as he redoubles his efforts to locate Nick’s mother, who is also a Grimm, and Adalind’s missing baby. This search for the missing child can only add to the troubles for the Grimm, as he deals with his wife’s new condition, undoubtedly leading to an explosive season finale.

Where it will end remains to be seen, but, with a fifth season already confirmed for Grimm, it seems entirely possible that alliances may change and or break down, while new friendships may also be on the horizon. Only time will tell.

Grimm isn’t the only show with edge-of-your-seat twists. A recent episode of Supernatural also left fans with more than a few surprises.

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