Five Simple But Awesome Nail Art Designs You Can Actually Do Yourself

Nail art is still a major trend on the internet. Just do a search for “incredible nail art” to see an array of amazingly intricate designs, contained on a single fingernail. But a major part of the popularity of nail art is the many failed attempts of people trying to imitate the stunning nails they see online. Nothing is more discouraging than seeing the best pieces of artwork the internet has to offer, especially when you don’t have any outstanding nail art skills. But even without training and techniques, you can still pull off some awesome nail art designs by keeping it simple and expressing yourself.

According to Fashion Times, simple nail art designs are both classy and trendy. So here are few nail art ideas that any amateur can pull off with a little effort and creativity.

Minimal accenting. You don’t have to slather the entire fingernail to make a striking piece of nail art. In fact, the minimal look is often more interesting than something over the top. Pick your favorite colors and add an accent here or there, in whatever pattern you like. Like the photos below, you can try tracing small portions of your nail along the curves or the cuticle, then leave the rest blank. This fresh and simple look is classy and subtle.

2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - ArrivalsThe Friars Club Roast Honoring Boomer Esiason

Go crazy. If spare and simple isn’t your taste, try going the opposite direction. Instead of making a few careful lines, you could cover the entire nail in colorful chaos. No precision or patience required, just fun. You could try the freestyle squiggles in the photo below, or even a paint splatter effect like a Jackson Pollock painting. This type of nail art is perfect for free spirits or anyone with a wild side.

CND For Creatures Of The Wind: New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

Odd one out. If you don’t have the time or skill to bedazzle every single finger with beautiful nail art, try painting all of them solid colors except one on each hand. Then you can take the time you need to make that single nail special. Like the photo below, matching colors to the rest of the nails helps a lot–and it takes a fifth of the time as a full set of nail art.


Simple patterns. If you’re into the minimalist look but still have a penchant for images and designs, try dabbing simple patterns onto a solid color nail. The photo below used a basic flower pattern with as few brush strokes as possible, and positioned them in different places on the nail. Pick a pattern you like and try applying it sparsely across your favorite color to create nail art that’s both quaint and bold.

2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Something new on every nail. If you’re feeling especially ambitious but still lacking in nail art talent, you’ve got ten blank canvases to try out ten different designs. Let your imagination run free and paint each finger uniquely and express every side of yourself. This way, even if you mess one up, you’ve got nine other totally new designs to catch the eye. With such an assortment of colors and ideas, no individual nail will look like a failure. Like the Huffington Post reported, nail art helps you tell a story; and that story should be all about you.

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[Images courtesy of Getty Images]