June 29, 2017
Cop Admits Abusing His Position By Sleeping With Three Vulnerable Women

A British cop has admitted to abusing his position as a police officer with the Gloucestershire Police by taking advantage of, and sleeping with, three women while on duty.

Darren Heath, who specifically worked as a family liaison officer, carried out his crimes over a period of 11 years and was accused of being "manipulative and calculating" by the prosecution team in court.

While Heath admitted to five counts of misconduct at the Bristol Crown Court, he reportedly showed little to no remorse for his actions.

The investigations into Heath began back in 2012, following a complaint made to Gloucestershire Constabulary's Professional Standards Department. Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Giulia Marogna, told reporters the following after the case was initiated.

"It then quickly became clear there were a number of ladies he may have offended against. Darren Heath would use his position as a police officer, whether it was during his time working in restorative justice or as a family liaison officer, to identify women he could offend against."
Marogna added that there were even victims whom Heath tried to exploit further.
"These were often victims of crime who were already extremely vulnerable but who he wanted to take advantage of even further. Our investigation has been lengthy because we have had to spend time regaining the confidence of women who had been badly let down by someone they should have been able to trust, precisely at a time when they needed him the most. Heath was manipulative and calculating while he was offending and that is one of the reasons he was able to carry on doing this over a number of years."
While sentencing has been scheduled for next week, it remains to be seen what punishment Darren Heath will receive from the court, having carried out a sustained campaign against vulnerable women who he was supposed to take care of.