The Dress Strikes Again, This Time It’s Painted Fingernails And Lips Breaking The Internet

The dress (#thedress) gold and white vs. black and blue argument nearly broke the internet and left millions mystified. This week two sets of painted fingernails are threatening to once again cause arguments over colors between otherwise reasonable people.

The fingernails photos being shared wildly on Twitter appear maroon to some and pink to others. The fingernails in each photo are painted the exact same color and both feature the nails being pressed against a mouth painted an identical shade of lipstick.

optical illusions
#thedress strikes again? What color are these painted fingernails and lips?

The only difference between the painted fingernail photos that mimic the optical illusion of #thedress is that the which appears maroon was placed in front of a black background and the photo which appears pink was placed in front of a white background.

the dress
The painted fingernails in both photos are pink. The lips and fingernails which appear maroon were shown on tp of a black background.

The original photo of the dress style painted fingernails shows that both the lips and the nails were pixellated – some of the squares look like a shade or purple and the others a pale pink. The pixels made the lips and fingernails photo “semi-see through” allowing it to adapt to different colors when placed on a Photoship background.

— PRSA Sacramento (@PRSASacramento) March 17, 2015

Someone who grew very sick of #thedress fever created this hilarious meme, which of course quickly went viral as well.

What color painted fingernails and lips do you see?

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