7-Year-Old Girl Bitten On Arm And Stomach For Refusing To Kiss Thai Tour Guide

In a bizarre and troubling story from Thailand, a 7-year-old girl, who was visiting the country with her family, was reportedly bitten on the arm and stomach by a tour guide because she refused to kiss him.

The family of the victim, Chen Yin, are now suing the travel agency that booked the vacation which they took to celebrate Chen’s amazing grades at school.

Her mother, Chen Ting, told reporters that her daughter seemed uncharacteristically quiet during the six-day vacation and on the last day of the trip Chen complained that her arm and tummy were hurting.

When her mother checked and saw large bite marks on her daughter’s arm and stomach she was disturbed, but when she complained to the guide he just ignored her and walked away.

As she told the People’s Daily Online, “At the time I clearly saw some teeth marks on my daughter’s left arm, the skin in the area was abraded, the same with her belly.”

On her return to China, Chen wrote a letter to her travel agent, saying,

“When I saw my daughter in tears and listened to her story, I checked and found obvious bite marks in places where she couldn’t have done it herself. She said the guide had bitten her after telling her: ‘You are very pretty. You’re leaving soon and it’s hard to see you go. Come here and let me give you a kiss.'”

Apparently, after the child refused the tour guide’s advances, he grabbed her and bit her arm and stomach before she ran free and hid behind some luggage.

Other people in the group reported that they had seen the guide pestering the little girl when her mother wasn’t looking. Ting, added, “I was particularly worried that he might have some disease and my kid would be infected. My child is introvert. She has hidden in her bed and cried [because of the bites].”

The Chongqing travel agency confirmed that the guide been fired and would not be working anymore in his position in Thailand.