Sahray Barber Update: Persons Of Interest May Be Hiding Evidence

The search for Sahray Barber is over a week old and there have been very few developments in her case. However, police in San Bernardino, California, have acknowledged that there are two persons of interest in her disappearance. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that the two people are currently being investigated, but they are not being identified by police, for now. This comes just a couple of days after her laptop and cellphone were found in some bushes near her apartment — indicating that she didn’t get far from the complex when she was last seen walking on Monday.

Police have been careful not to declare a connection between this disappearance and the series of violent crimes that have been committed on the Cal State campus (which is just across the street from Sahray’s apartment building). However, the authorities have acknowledged that there is definite concern for the missing woman in light of these attacks. So far, at least two different women have come forward as victims of attempted attacks on the Cal State Campus — one attempted sexual assault, and one attempted abduction. No suspect has been arrested in either of these attempts, making it easy to understand why everyone in the area is on edge.

ABC News 7 reports that the missing woman’s father has taken to the media with pleas for answers behind her disappearance. Stephan Barber appealed to anyone who may have answers — in particular, anyone who may be responsible for her disappearance. He spoke about her free spirit and the things that her loved ones love about her.

“She’s a very independent, self-motivated person that has inspired a lot of lives, and I want her to continue to do that.”

It’s now been a week and a day since she was last seen, and even though media coverage of her case is slim on details, law enforcement in San Bernardino are doing what they can to find her. Lt. Rich Lawhead with the San Bernardino Police has confirmed that the evidence in this case is definitely leading them in a certain direction — which is fortunate news.

“We have recovered a lot of evidence and it has taken investigators in one direction. We just can’t report actually what direction that is. We do have some persons of interest in this case. We feel that they have evidence that they may not be revealing to us wholeheartedly.”

If the persons of interest in this case aren’t being forthcoming with evidence, what could their reasons be? With Sahray Barber being gone for over a week, there are only so many theories that can be had.

[Photo: San Bernardino Police via Crime Scene Media]