Amber Portwood Sports Engagement Ring, Talks ‘Teen Mom’ Return

Amber Portwood is getting ready to return to Teen Mom on March 23 and, while returning to television may not be a big deal for the other cast members, for Amber it is completely different. Not only are things different in her personal life this time around (she’s engaged!), but her life has changed a lot in other ways since the last time she was on camera.

When Amber was on Teen Mom a few years ago, her life was in a downward spiral. Things with her then-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, were not great and after she was filmed hitting him, things went more downhill for her. She ended up spiraling down until she hit rock bottom and admitted that she needed help. Amber ended up choosing a prison sentence that would allow her to help get her life back on the right track.

Now that she is out of prison, Amber has been focusing on her daughter as well as getting her life on the right track. While it has been a while since she has been behind the camera, she recently admitted to Us Weekly(via the Edge) that things have changed.

“It’s my first time doing this sober. I was like a robot. My mind was foggy. Now, I’m clearheaded, and it feels great.”

Amber Portwood’s life is definitely on the right track. She has cleaned up her life and has recently taken to social media. For quite some time, she was the only Teen Mom cast member without a social media account, but now she sends love to her fans on Twitter. Nearly everything she tweets is positive and helps to show just how much she has changed.

Another thing that has changed for Amber, though, is her love life. No longer with Gary Shirley (who, according to a previous Inquisitr report, is expecting a baby with his current girlfriend), Amber is now engaged to a man named Matt. She was recently in New York to tape the Teen Mom reunion special, and her man was with her. Radar Online was able to capture some shots of the couple out and about and she was sporting her ring all around The Big Apple.

Along with the rest of her costars, Amber Portwood will return to MTV on March 23. The new season of the show will be different than any other from the past, as the cast will now interact with the camera crew.

[Image via Twitter]