Farrah Abraham: Writing Erotic Novels Was 'Therapeutic'

Farrah Abraham is more than just a reality show star. The Teen Mom OG star has also branched out into the world of adult entertainment. However, she has done more than release an adult film and adult toys. Farrah has also taken to penning erotic novels, recently releasing a trilogy of books.

Celebrity Sex Tape: Love Through Limelight follows the character of Fallon Opal through three books. Farrah has been busy tweeting the news of her books on her Twitter account. According to Wetpaint, Farrah Abraham recently opened up about writing the erotic novels, saying that writing them was "like therapy."

"Writing this series was in many ways like therapy for me. Fallon's story reflects some of what I've gone through in recent years, much of it misunderstood by the public."
When Teen Mom was cancelled by MTV, Farrah Abraham took a different route than her co-stars. Rather than embarking on a speaking tour like several of her co-stars, Farrah ventured into the world of adult entertainment. Of course, she faced a lot of backlash from people who felt that she chose the wrong path, but Farrah has always stood by her decisions.
"Love Through LimeLight is an entertaining, sexually charged, and surprising conclusion to a fun and sexy erotic fiction series. Yet it's really about happy endings, and whether or not women in this day and age can actually have it all."
Farrah showed readers with her book that women can have it all and, like Fallon, Farrah also has it all. After some failed relationships, Farrah seems to finally be happy in love with her boyfriend, Simon. The two have been dating for a few months and were first spotted together on New Year's Eve. At the time, there were rumors that perhaps Simon was married since he was wearing a ring, but it seems like Farrah may be the only woman in his life.

The reality show star recently took to Twitter to share a photo of herself with her boyfriend. She revealed that her daughter, Sophia, took the photo.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham will return to Teen Mom on March 23, along with the rest of the original cast. However, she admitted that she was initially reluctant to return. Despite her co-stars being shocked at the return, the reality has seemed to set in and her return seems to be accepted.

[Image: via Twitter]