Taron Stead: Police Seeking Hit And Run Drivers Who Refused Help Since Bloody Face Would Scare The Kids

The family of 17-year-old Taron Stead are hoping the recently released photo of their son may help track down the drivers of the vehicle involved in the hit and run incident. It’s claimed by Stead that the people hit him while he was riding a bike, but then refused to provide help since it was claimed his bloody face was too scary for their kids.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Taron Stead’s mother, Naomi Pickard, explained why she released the photo, and provided a description of the hit and run incident.

According to reports, the teenage cyclist hails from Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, England. Taron had recently bought a new mountain bike and, while taking his new prize on its maiden voyage, was hit by a vehicle during the early morning rush hour on Friday, March 6, 2015, at approximately 8:30 a.m. While accidents do happen, what happened next is why the police are involved.

The vehicle did stop to check on the condition of Taron Stead, and a woman in the front passenger seat exited the car to speak to the boy while the male driver stayed inside. The unidentified woman did not ask Stead if he was hurt, but instead offered an excuse for the car accident, saying she had children in the backseat of the car who were running late for school. In addition, the woman shocked Stead by saying she would not help the bloodied teen since she did not want his physical condition to upset her kids.

After saying this, the woman went back in the vehicle and left the scene of the hit and run without leaving their information or offering any help. Instead, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, Taron Stead only received help from staff members of a local law school at Sheffield University. As you can see from the provided photo, Stead suffered facial injuries and bruising, but otherwise suffered from no major injuries.

According to the Star, South Yorkshire Police are currently seeking the help of the public in order to track down this mysterious couple. Fortunately, there are CCTV traffic cameras in the area, so it may be possible to discover the car’s license plate number. Police say the vehicle involved in the hit and run is either a silver Ford Focus or a Ford Mondeo. The accident occurred on Crookes Valley Road, at its junction with Mushroom Lane, Crookesmoor, while heading toward Brook Hill. Anyone with information about Taron Stead’s hit and run incident is asked to call South Yorkshire Police on 101.

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