Justin Bieber Roast Is Almost Here: What Fans Need To Know

Leigh Egan

The highly-anticipated Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central is gearing up to air in only two weeks, and according to insiders, "it ain't pretty," at least for some of the pop star's more hypersensitive fans.

Since 1998, Comedy Central has roasted a total of 14 willing celebrities. Ranging from Donald Trump to Flavor Flav, there are no limits on which celebrity gets tossed in the fire. However, what these prior "roastees" lacked was millions of screaming, hormonal teenage fans, many of whom are prone to make death threats to anyone who dare say anything negative about their adored Bieber.

In addition to fiercely defending their idol to no end, part of the fan base seem to literally lose all common sense when it comes to Justin Bieber. In fact, according to Slate, some fans' most important goal is to get a reply from Bieber on Twitter. Yet, when it happens, all logic is thrown to the wind.

Of course, not all "Beliebers" react in such a negative way. Many fans are appreciative that Bieber is brave enough to be roasted in the first place. For the other fans who aren't so enthused on anyone slaying their idol, there are a few things to understand beforehand:

[Photo Courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty Images]