CW Might Be Entering The Horror Business, Find Out Which Horror Film Franchise Might Get Picked Up

The CW has been making a name for itself for being the premiere, and once the only, place for comic book TV show adaptations. The Inquisitr reported about CW developing yet another comic book hero adaptation in the near future. However, the newest potential CW show on the block has little to do with comic books. It does have a lot do with a certain jinxed date and a hockey mask-clad serial killer.

According to Comicbook, the Friday the 13th film franchise might find its way to the CW network. Friday the 13th creator and producer Sean S. Cunningham revealed at a recent Monster Mania horror convention that TV networks are starting to show a great deal of interest in the show. In fact, the CW network was on the current short list of networks that the Friday the 13th creator listed.

As Monster Mania attendee Tim Jacobs states, according to Comicbook, they are going to re-imagine Jason Voorhees for TV. Jacobs attended the Q&A where Cunningham was speaking about the new TV series.

“This allows them to re-imagine Jason in a more grounded reality, as the films would be based off the real life killings that took place at the Camp. i.e. both the Hockey Masked Jason and a more serious backwoods inspired killer will be making appearances throughout.”

So this Friday the 13th might not be a completely different TV show like the late-80s show, but it certainly seems a little different from the popular film franchise. This writer previously reported on the new Friday the 13th show and the details at the time were that the series was a “contemporary” focus on the “eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.”

That would certainly sound more vague and not quite similar to the current description, but We Got This Covered reports that the plot is not covering new ground. An indie slasher film called Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon reportedly has a similar premise. Although the current description of the Friday the 13th TV show is a little vague to make comparisons, an Internet Movie Database synopsis potentially concurs with this analysis.

“The movie is shot as a documentary set in a world where the supernatural killers depicted in famous slasher films are real. A female journalist named Taylor Gentry and her two cameramen document the preparations of Leslie Vernon as he prepares to join the ranks of other slasher villains.”

Friday the 13th certainly has a far more focused plot, rather than a general one, but comparisons can be drawn. It is still premature to speculate, but so far, the production is slated for later this year. For CW, picking up this show is a big win for an already impressive TV programming resume.

What are your thoughts? Would you watch a traditional Friday the 13th TV show? Does this current revision of the show’s plot make you less interested in the show? Leave your thoughts and opinions.

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