Drone With Ultra HD Camera Captures Super-Clear Footage Of UFO Shooting Across California Sky

A UFO was captured by a high resolution drone as it shot across the sky above Silicon Valley in broad daylight earlier this month.

The unusually high resolution video footage was captured by YouTube user, 1darmino, who was flying a DJI Inspire 1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which comes with an ultra HD 4K camera.

The Uploader stated that “The video was recorded in Northern California on March 5th 2015, by a privately owned drone flying at approximately 285ft.”

However, even the ultra HD drone camera could not provide a clear enough footage of the UFO as the object was moving at an incredibly high speed.

The four-second video shows a small bright object streaking across the sky at such a speed that if you blink you’ll most likely miss it.

Drone captures clear shot of UFO

The video below tries to capture a better view of the UFO by slowing down the original footage.

Since the footage was uploaded on March 7, it has garnered 178, 353 views. And users remain baffled as to what the mysterious flying object could be – with theories ranging from it being a miniature version of Star Wars’ Imperial Shuttle, cottonseed in the wind and lens refraction to military weapon and, well, a supersonic bird.

What do you think the drone’s HD camera captured? Share your thoughts below.

[Image via 1darmino/YouTube]