‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Kelly Gets Out On Bail, But The Plot Thickens

The Young and the Restless is back with more drama as the Monday, March 16 show is set to air. What can fans expect to see in this one? Young and Restless spoilers indicate that secrets are on the brink of being revealed, but fans may have to wait a bit longer for the payoff.

As She Knows Soaps shares, Adam gets quite close to revealing his real identity and love for Chelsea on Monday’s show. As their Young and Restless spoilers reveal, however, Jack will intervene and pull Adam away. The two will spar a bit away from the others, with Adam wanting to finally tell the truth and Jack telling him he should let Chelsea go.

Abby is struggling to keep her nerves under control and Y&R spoilers indicate that Summer and Mariah will argue about Summer’s marriage to Austin. Stitch is suspicious about Austin’s death and Kevin apparently even turn the tables to accuse Ben of being involved.

At the jail, Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Kelly will worry that Victor doesn’t have her back as he has promised. He wants her to be patient and advises her on how to handle her current situation. When Stitch arrives at the station to visit her, she is upset he believes that she really did all she confessed she did.

Billy will put some pressure on Chelsea to set a quick wedding date, something that ultimately flusters her. She talks about the situation with Sage, noting that she wants some time to plan a more extravagant wedding than Billy’s timeline would allow.

Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Kelly will get out on bail during Monday’s episode and she settles in to celebrate a bit. Phyllis shows up and questions Kelly’s plans, which include some travel, and she says she’s turning Kelly in to the authorities. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that then Kelly smacks Phyllis in the head with her champagne bottle, knocking Phyllis out.

At Victoria’s house, Abby is startled when the power goes out and she hears noises. Stitch arrives to help, and they soon find a new message on the mirror. Despite Ben’s assertions to the contrary, Y&R spoilers indicate that Kevin will discover that Stitch had talked with Austin with the Newman expose.

Toward the end of Monday’s episode, Victor will be back in the confessional once again. He’s revealing that Kelly is free and she’ll be out of town within the next day. Victor notes that things are going according to plan and makes a reference about being ready. Just who is Victor talking to and what’s the next part of this big plan?

This is a short week of new episodes, since the show is off on Thursday and Friday due to basketball. However, it sounds as if there will be plenty for fans to take in as Victor’s plans move forward, the Austin mystery deepens and Adam edges closer to revealing his identity. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]