Texas Police Officers Create Roadblock To Rescue Stray Dog On Busy Interstate [Video]

Police officers save dog on busy highway

Two Texas police officers are being hailed heroes after they set up a temporary roadblock to rescue a stray dog that was walking in the center of the road. The officers were driving down I-30 in Fort Worth, Texas.

In the video, you see officers Allen Speed and Paul Garcia driving down the interstate. The police car stops in the middle of the road when a tiny dog appears in the middle of the road. In addition to the police officers in the video, it appears a semi truck driver also pulled over to help the lost pup. Inside Forth Worth PD notes that the officers set up a roadblock to ensure the dog was not hit by a passing by vehicle and then tried to corral the tiny stray dog. The officers can be seen calling for the dog and placing small pieces of food out onto the road to entice the frightened dog towards them. At first, the dog seems unresponsive to the officers pleas; however, just a short minute into the video, the officers secured the dog.

Once the officers capture the little dog, you can hear drivers on the highway cheering and honking their horns in approval. Though the officers shut down the busy interstate, it seems that drivers appreciated the officers noble actions. The dog was taken to the local Humane Society and they say the little girl is now up for adoption.

What do you think of the officers kind actions towards the stray dog? Do you think the tiny dog would have lasted much longer on the busy highway if the officers hadn’t stepped in to help?