Woman Who Got Pregnant From One-Night Stand With Online Lover Makes Appeal To Father

Perth, Western Australia

A 25-year-old Australian woman who had a one-night stand with a random guy she met online, and fell pregnant from the encounter, gave birth to a baby boy and has now made a desperate appeal to find the father.

Bianca Fazey decided to have a one-night encounter with a man in Perth, Western Australia on April 23 last year. Soon after, she discovered that she was pregnant, having been told previously that she was unlikely to ever become pregnant due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Having searched for the father as best she could for five months, Fazey decided to post an add on Gumtree looking for Jeremy. When she did, she received an aggressive bunch of messages from people (trolls) who saw it fit to call her names like “sl**.”

Bianca Fazey online ad looking for father

Back in January, Fazey gave birth to a baby boy called Logan, even though he had a traumatic birth, he is now healthy and well.

Regarding comments on social media that she is a bad mother, Fazey responded by writing on her Facebook page.

“I’m so appalled at comments that I am a bad mother and ‘god help my child’. It makes me sick that people can judge so quickly off something that is 500 words long. Yeah I am still looking, I will probably always be looking I am very curious as to who this person is and one day Logan probably will be too. I don’t ever expect him to come forward but if he did contact me, it would only be between us two and not the world.”

When it came to the claims that she made up the one-night stand story, Bianca responded.

“For the incredibly judgemental people thinking it is all about money, I have never accepted anything for the stories, I also have my own money, I work and I study full time, I am not this drop kick you assume me to be! I love this beautiful boy with all my heart and I am a fantastic mother, he is strong, smart, happy and very, very loved! Not only do I have the support of my family but also this beautiful town I live in and my amazing friends, I am so appreciative of everyone who has been kind to me even if you are holding your tongue!”

Back in 2014 when Bianca found out she was pregnant, having worked out that it only could have been as a result of the one-night stand she had with Jeremy, Fazey found it hard to cope with the new reality.

As she told reporters back in December, just before Logan was born, “I was at my wits end. I tried finding him for months and felt pressured by a friend who was adamant I don’t give up despite exhausting all avenues.”

For now Bianca hopes that Jeremy will see her appeal and come forward, as she concluded, “I do hope that I can find him and let him know, he can make his own choice.”