Chaelin ‘CL’ Lee Talks About How She’s An Extrovert

Chaelin “CL” Lee says she does not and cannot kiss people’s “a**es” to get on their good sides. But she loves making friends, she says.

The entertainment industry can be a tough life. However, Chaelin doesn’t seem to let it bother her. She knows who she is and doesn’t plan on changing it for anyone. Likewise, CL indirectly encourages others and her fan base to do the same. As a role model, Lee tries to keep her listeners positive while empowering them through her music and interviews.

Chaelin states that she is very outgoing, loves making friends and learning from other people — in a recent interview with Complex.

“I’m an open book. Like, I love making friends, and I’m not afraid to be a fan of somebody. I feel like I can learn from anyone. I like getting inspired, meeting new people, talking to them about their lives and listening to what they went through.”

And what better way to do that than by going to various schools outside of your own country. It’s no wonder CL’s able to speak four languages. From attending these schools with other cultures and types of people, Lee has been able to learn about different ways of life — applying the things learned to improve upon her own, one day at a time.

Chaelin CL Lee Talks About Being An Extrovert
Credits: Complex | YouTube

In the same interview with the aforementioned news outlet, Chaelin speaks about her learning experiences.

“I went to international school, like, my whole life — in France, in Japan, and also in Korea. I would feel like an alien, because I’m not totally Korean, not totally Japanese… you know? Sometimes, it was hard. And I think that my friends that go to school here or in Paris, they find it harder.

Actually, I think I was a good student. I was the type [who] was close with the teachers. I think I was really mature from when I was young, so I would, like, have lunch with the teachers and chill with them. Not in a kissing a** way. I just can’t do that.

But yeah, I was friends with them. And all my friends were always older than me. I really like listening to people’s stories and that they’ve been through all that.”

Lee knows the value of life experiences. Having conducted the interview, she probably wishes for her fans to know of the same type of life lessons.

So, what do you think about Chaelin’s extrovert lifestyle? As she’s mentioned, CL and Chaelin are two different personas. If she’s the extrovert, what does that make CL? “Life of the party”?

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