Sailor Tindall, Dead: Fashion Student Found In Bloody Bed, Throat Cut Inside Luxury Liberty House NYC Apartment


Sailor Tindall, a fashion student in NYC, was found dead in her bed at the expensive Liberty House Apartments in Battery Park City. According to the New York Daily News, Sailor Tindall had a cut to the throat and wrist areas. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sailor Tindall’s dead body was found when local police did a welfare check on the fashion student after her parents were unable to communicate with her. When they arrived at the sixth-floor apartment, they found the body of a single white female lying unresponsive in a bloody bed. A closer look at the body revealed a huge slash to the throat and a cut wrist. A knife was found nearby. The victim was identified as 41-year-old Sailor Tindall.

The body was transported to the local medical examiner’s office, where an autopsy is pending.

According to Sailor Tindall’s LinkedIn page, she was an apparel and fashion professional. She attended Blinn College in Texas from 1991 to 1992 before moving to New York City to power up her fashion career. Her parents still live in League City, Texas.

Built in 1985, Liberty Park is a well-maintained luxury apartment complex with a spectacular view of the Hudson River. Its manicured grounds come equipped with a doorman and an on-site superintendent. The complex has 238 units. Renting a one-bedroom apartment with a direct view of the water will cost a tenant around $3,000.

As news of the fashion student’s death hits the airwaves, many speculate on what happened during her final hours. The police say there was no suicide note found in the apartment. There also appeared to be no signs that a struggle had taken place, leading many to wonder if it could be a possible suicide.

Others say that a knife is not a common tool used to commit suicide, and that the knife found at the scene points to murder. New York City police officers have not elaborated on a possible theory and have failed to describe the death as ‘suspicious.’

Here are some varying opinions regarding Sailor Tindall’s death on social media.

“Just another example of how unhappy some people are. Depression is a disease. No amount of money can fix it.”

“My opinion…murder..cut ur wrists maybe…cut ur throat…murder.”

“had to either be someone she knew or someone she had no chance against.”

“So she slit her wrists and throat by herself? Strange.”

“No ones life should ever end that way.”

“How does one slit their own throat and wrists? Doesn’t sound right. Then again maybe being a NY’er and fan of law and order I’m a little jaded.”

In January, the Inquisitr reported on the murder of Thomas Gilbert, the hedge fund mogul who was brutally shot and killed by his own son inside another lavish, high-rise apartment building in New York City.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]