Taco Bell Breakfast: Experts Weigh In, Is It ‘That’ Horrifying?

Back when we reported on the introduction of a Taco Bell breakfast, my personal first impression was that not enough of the day had passed by breakfast-time to shed enough pride in order to consume Taco Bell- followed by idly wondering who is that drunk at eight in the morning?

Taco Bell breakfast kind of sounds as appealing as Taco Bell seafood- that is to say, you imagine some people must eat it, but you can’t imagine who those people might be or what on Earth would possess them to do such a thing. I happen to fall into the (not uncommon) camp of being unable to find food appetizing for the first two or so hours of every day, but when I do get a bit peckish, generally chimichangas or anything appended with the words “bell grande” don’t immediately spring to mind.

And yet for some reason- much as we may resent fast food for being so cheap and so accessible, tempting us away from food made out of actual food- newly introduced or limited edition fast food sometimes draws one in for the curiosity factor. As may be the case with Taco Bell breakfast, we’ve observed such interest surrounding McDonald’s massively overhyped McRib sandwich. I myself fell victim to such pique at 3AM one cold and hungry winter night, and the resultant gelatinous pork byproduct comprised horror haunts me to this day.

A panel of reviewers set upon the new Taco Bell breakfast- which, alas, is not available in East Coast markets- and had this to say about the items:

“If I have a burrito and this, I’m just going home and not going to work.”

“This is just a big, crunchy grease-bomb!”

“First thing, right off the bat, it’s half the size of their Crunch Wrap Supreme, which is like a Frisbee. Easy to carry. An easy in-your-car eat. Because it’s got a pocket, unlike a burrito which can squish out while you’re driving.”

So one overriding feature of the menu is that it’s got pockets- an attribute lacking from many foods, I find. Have you yet sampled a Taco Bell breakfast?

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