WWE News: Big Update On Bill Demott And WWE, Are The Accusations Exaggerated?

Once Bill DeMott resigned from his position as head trainer of WWE NXT, the WWE Universe has buzzed about the ins and outs of his resignation and the depth of the accusations told. Just in the past few days, the Inquisitr has reported that many lawsuits could come about during this process. WWE wants this to go away, like all negative press. However, this isn’t a simple “tweet gone wrong” scenario.

Many WWE developmental stars were involved in this scandal. It was a former developmental wrestler that broke the news in the first place, which led to DeMott resigning from his position. Is this the end of the Bill DeMott case? That’s a definitive no.

According to E-Wrestling News and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, more stories are continuing to come out, some that date back to the late 2000s. On top of that, there’s a chance the accusations against Bill DeMott aren’t exactly true.

“Although many of the recent stories regarding Bill DeMott’s abuse were from 2013, some of them go all the way back to his original developmental run that ended in 2007. The problems were said to be well-known within WWE, which is why the company installed cameras in the Performance Center and film practice. WWE wants proof in case any lawsuits come up, which they now expect to happen after so many people came out against him publicly. Many within the company were surprised that DeMott still had a job for as long as he did.

“Meanwhile, some people in WWE believe that some of the recent stories have been exaggerated by DeMott’s accusers. One source told us, ‘this story is far from over.’ Others expect lawsuits to be filed in the near future.”

If there’s even a chance the stories about DeMott are even slightly exaggerated, many people will get into a lot of trouble. The WWE has done a great job of handling this situation. It could’ve easily become a public relations nightmare. Luckily, DeMott resigned on his own, even if backstage pressure forced him to.

When they add in the horrid accusations, DeMott had no choice but to give up his position. Despite all of the negative reactions to DeMott and the WWE’s former NXT trainer, one man recently had nice things to say about DeMott.

Clearly, not all of the experiences with Bill DeMott are negative. He had a hand in training some of WWE’s biggest NXT stars. Guys like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Hideo Itami, Sami Zayn, and Tyler Breeze are just a few of the most recent men that DeMott got to train. Without his experience, maybe a select number of WWE stars wouldn’t have panned out. Unfortunately, the story isn’t over, and it’s only going to get worse.

[Image via onlineworldofwrestling.com]