Marshawn Lynch Fight: Seattle Seahawks Star Involved In Brawl [Video]

A Marshawn Lynch fight is getting a lot of attention on social media this weekend. Lynch was leaving a bar, when friends of the Seattle Seahawks’ star running back came to his defense. A report from TMZ reveals that an intoxicated man was taunting Lynch while they were out in San Francisco. It led to a brawl that has started to garner a lot of negative attention.

TMZ states that, “Someone in Marshawn’s crew snapped and a melee erupted. You see Marshawn in a white cap trying to pull one of his friends away from the guy. An eyewitness tells us Marshawn got in a few punches before walking away.”

It’s not news that a football fan from the San Francisco area would taunt Lynch by calling him a “Seattle Sea Chicken,” but the aftermath certainly has become just that. In the video itself, this Marshawn Lynch fight makes it look like the running back is at first trying to break it up before becoming involved in it himself. He hasn’t revealed anything on social media or to the press about his involvement and the Seattle Seahawks haven’t issued a statement yet either.

It was just recently that Lynch signed a contract extension to remain with the team for three more seasons. While it doesn’t guarantee that he won’t retire after one or two years of the deal, it did give him a nice pay raise to stay loyal to the franchise. As the team continues is offseason signings and preparations for the 2015 NFL season, this Marshawn Lynch fight could provide an unneeded distraction. That could all depend on how long this latest controversy remains on the front page.

Seahawks’ general manager John Schneider recently talked about how glad he was to have Lynch back on the roster and content with his contract extension. He spoke to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about the impact of the deal on the team.

“The Marshawn deal is huge for us because he’s such a big part of what we’re doing. Our offense starts with the run game, and there’s no better guy to start it with than Marshawn.”

The Seattle Seahawks may again have to rally behind the star running back as this controversy continues to unfold. Fans will have to keep an eye out for a response from the organization in regards to the Marshawn Lynch fight as well. For now, fans will simply have to continue the debate on social media about whether he just showed what “Beast Mode” is really about.

[Image Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images]