Burger King In The News Last Week For Several Things: Good And Bad


Burger King, home of the Whopper, was in the news last week for several things. All the Burger King news wasn’t good, and all the Burger King news wasn’t bad.

According to Local 10 News in Florida, Burger King was one of eight restaurants ordered closed last week by state inspectors for rodent dropping and seven other infractions. Burger King blamed recent construction close to the restaurant for the rats that came into the restaurant. Burger King was allowed to reopen after it was considered clean by state inspectors.

Burger King was in the news last week through no fault of its own. KOMO News reported that a man pleaded guilty to the fatal stabbing of a homeless man at a Burger King in Bellevue, Washington. Steven Padilla, 38, stabbed Jose Arias, 65, with a 10-inch knife who was sleeping at a table in Burger King. He will be sentenced to 21-and-a-half years in prison on March 31.

Time reported some good news about Burger King. It might not necessarily be good news for kids, but surely it is good news for their parents and health officials. Burger King has decided no more sugary soda for kids. Burger King had dropped sugary drinks completed from its kids’ menu. Up until now, kids’ choice was a sugary drink. However, removing sugary drinks from the menu doesn’t mean kids have to go thirsty while dining at Burger King. Kids can order milk or 100 percent apple juice. The high-calorie carbonated and sugary drinks are still an option for adults, but they aren’t listed on Burger King kids’ menu. Burger King confirmed to USA Today that it was under pressure from advocacy groups to make the change in kids’ beverages.

Burger King is just one of the fast food restaurants taking unhealthy options off their menus and replacing them with more healthy choices. Removing the sugary drinks from the kids’ menu is considered a step in the right direction for Burger King.

It has been reported that Burger King followed McDonald’s and Wendy’s to consider healthier options. Now that Burger King is on board, health lobbyists are contacting other restaurants to see if they, too, will eliminate sugary drinks from kids’ menus.

Of all the things Burger King was in the news for last week, removing sugary drinks from its menu is good news. Do you think any news is good advertisement, whether it is good news or bad news?

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