‘GTA V’ Fans Create Tools To Help Find Online Heist Teammates, While Rockstar Games Releases New Stability Update

Having trouble getting together a team of four players to attempt the newly-added online heist missions of Grand Theft Auto V? If the answer is yes, then you aren’t alone. Perhaps the biggest fan complaint about the new cooperative robberies of GTA V is that users find it too difficult to find a group of gamers together to take on any specific heist.

Even when using the built-in online matchmaking for GTA V, some claim that the time to form a crew is simply too long. Other problems stem from users who disconnect from the match during the middle of one of Grand Theft Auto V‘s online heists. To answer this problem, VG24/7 has discovered that fans have taken it upon themselves to build an unofficial website where GTA V users can try to set up crews of dedicated players. As VG24/7 pointed out, this player-built web tool functions similarly to ones created by those hoping to seek teammates within Bungie’s online shooter, Destiny.

Grand Theft Auto V

Using the GTA: Online LFH website, players can search through listings created by fellow GTA V players to find the in-game usernames of those looking to take on different online heists on each platform. If someone is looking to host their own heists, they can also provide their own GTA V details in hopes of finding others to join them. The creators of the website hope that this will allow players to directly connect serious GTA V fans to cut down on wait times and the unpredictability that comes from playing with random strangers.

“Via GTA: Online LFH, you can find and/or share a Heists session with other players on any platform. Never worry about not having enough players, having unreliable teammates, or playing with people you don’t like.”

After this week’s launch of online heists for Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games has also released a follow up patch to improve the title’s online stability. The minor title update is available now on Playstation systems, but the developer confirmed on their official support website that the GTA V fixes will also soon become available on the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

In addition to finally releasing online heists, GTA V players can also enjoy several other new additions to the title’s online multiplayer mode as reported earlier this week by the Inquisitr. The same Grand Theft Auto V update that introduced co-op heists also added new daily challenges, purposefully unbalanced PvP adversary modes, and additional activities to perform while in the free-roam open world of GTA Online.

Do you already know three other Grand Theft Auto V players to tackle the new heist content with or do you struggle to find random players to attempt the new robbery missions within GTA V?

[Images via Rockstar Games]