Sandy Hook Victims’ Families File Lawsuit Against Gunman’s Mother

Last December, the Inquisitr reported about the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School’s victims suing Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the gun used in the Newtown, Connecticut massacre that took the lives of 20 children and six adults.

In January, Newtown officials bought the home of Nancy Lanza, the gunman’s mother — who was also murdered by her son, Adam Lanza — for the grand total of $1, and voted to tear it down, as it was a constant reminder for the children of Sandy Hook, as well as all Newtown residents, of the “evil that resided there”, according to one neighbour.

Today, Yahoo News announced that nine families of Sandy Hook victims will be seeking reparations by filing a lawsuit against the estate of the late Nancy Lanza. In a statement made by the law firm Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, the victims’ families “seek a share of a homeowner’s insurance policy held by Nancy Lanza”

“With this many claimants, the money ends up being a symbolic gesture but it serves as an important reminder that people who keep firearms in the home must be scrupulous about securing their weapons.”

The families of the Sandy Hook tragedy, as well as other Newtown residents, blame the gunman’s mother for the deaths that occurred, claiming it was her fault for carelessly allowing her son access to the AR-15 Rifle that was ultimately used to kill his own mother, before moving on to Sandy Hook Elementary.

The estate, which is estimated to be worth roughly $64,000, is presently being administrated by attorney Samuel Starks, who is being named as the defendant in both lawsuits currently being filed separately, though they both claim the same thing — that the massacre could have been avoided had Lanza properly secured the weapon.

“[Nancy Lanza] knew or should have known that (Adam Lanza’s) mental and emotional condition made him a danger to others.”

The plaintiffs of the first lawsuit are the families of three of the murdered children, four teachers who were killed, and another two who were injured. The second lawsuit is by the family of another of the child victims, but was filed in a different court.

In addition to the suits against Lanza’s estate, as well as the manufacturer of the gun, two other lawsuits have also been filed in the wake of Sandy Hook: One that has been filed against the town of Newtown itself, claims that not enough precautions were taken by the town to secure Sandy Hook Elementary from any and all possible threats, going so far as to assert that one substitute teacher didn’t even have a key to lock her classroom door, and it was in that classroom that Adam Lanza took the lives of 14 of his 26 victims. The other, filed against the distributor of the firearm, Remington Outdoor Co., alleges that it should never have been sold to the general public, as it can pierce body armor, and can fire 30 rounds per minute. making it a military-grade assault weapon.

To put the intensity of that particular rifle into perspective, Adam Lanza fired 155 shots into Sandy Hook Elementary in less than five minutes.

[Photo Credit: Connecticut State Police via Getty Images]