DUIs No Match For In-Phone Breathalyzer Chip

DUIs And DWIs Are No Match For This Breathalyser Device For Your Phone

With DUIs becoming more strict, you need to be able to either beat or get less of them. Now, there’s a way to get both options from your phone. No more DWIs either.

Disclaimer: This writer does not condone “drinking and driving.” He is simply bringing awareness to the topic.

First off, in case there are any confusions about the differences between DUI and DWI, this should be clarified. DUI stands for “driving under the influence.” It’s a serious charge. However, so is a DWI charge — which is “driving while intoxicated.” In most states, they’re similar yet different. Yet, some states hold them as completely unrelated charges. In this case, a DWI is the worse of the two and can be exaggeratingly expensive.

The last thing anyone needs on his or her record is a DUI or DWI — or multiple. And with Spring Break coming up, DUI and DWI enforcement will be on “max,” knob turned up all the way.

As you can see, it is not a game. However, with this new technology, hopefully, the dynamics of such a thing are going to change soon.

A company called Sensirion, located in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed a sensing device that can be used to prevent DUIs. Essentially, the device is made for multiple uses — from “measuring blood alcohol content through breath, indoor air quality measurements and identifying allergens in food through their smell,” says Swiss Info.

This has to be one sophisticated piece of DWI technology, right? Understand that this device doesn’t give you permission to drink and drive. Yet, this is more for responsibility purposes. A person can known beforehand if he or she needs to “wait it out” in the bar — drinking plenty of water — or if a taxi needs to be called.

The goal is to avoid a DUI — not by simply evading the checkpoints. But by only driving when within legal limits. This DWI-preventing device would help you to know where you stand before attempting to get on the road.

So, what are your thoughts on drunk driving? Do you have any DUI advice or experiences you’d like to share with those who could benefit from your words? Comment below.

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