iOS 8.2 Installs An Additional Secret App For Use With Apple Watch

iOS 8.2 Secret App

Apple released the iOS 8.2 amid controversy earlier this week. After users found out that the Apple Watch app is mandatory to install, it’s been revealed that it’s just one of the two apps that will be included with the operating system.

Developer Hamza Sood noticed that iOS 8.2 also installs the Activity App. This app is only revealed when you pair your device to the Apple Watch. This app tracks your exercise and progress, according to Forbes. No one else has noticed this secret app before because Apple hides the Activity App from view until you pair it with your smartwatch. It will then appear on your home screen, the source says.


Some users are shocked to hear about this secret app that comes installed with the iOS 8.2. In fact, some are wondering why it needs to be installed in the first place. This Activity App only seems to be useful if you have an Apple Watch or you intend to own one.

The Activity App categorizes the user’s activity into “Move,” “Stand,” and “Exercise.” It also has an “Achievements” category, which will mimic the elements of similar exercise trackers. Users must know that the Activity App will not work with any other smartwatch. It should also be noted that Apple has removed some similar exercise trackers from its Apps Store as part of an effort to market the Apple Watch.


Users haven’t been too happy about the need to install this app on the iOS 8.2. They already weren’t happy about the need to install the Apple Watch app. There is nothing that users can do to stop both apps from automatically downloading after iOS 8.2 is installed. Both of these apps can’t even be deleted, regardless of whether or not users own an Apple Watch.

The iOS 8.2 has already received its share of controversy, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It’s the largest update that’s been released by Apple thus far. It takes up 278 Mb of space, requiring users to delete photos, music, videos, and other items to help free up space. Users have been advised to stay away from the 8.2 upgrade, or to at least pass on it for now.

The Inquisitr report also said that it comes with the added installation of the Apple Watch, but it didn’t mention the new Activity App. Another Inquisitr report said that the iOS 8.2 is not worth it if you own a jailbroken device, or if you plan to jailbreak your device.

Despite, its share of cons, the 8.2 upgrade is packed with a large list of bug fixes that makes the operating system more secure and stable. If you already own an Apple Watch, or if you plan to own one, it may be a good idea to update to iOS 8.2.

[Image: Hamza Sood via Twitter]