House For Sale, Wife Included: ‘I’m Looking For A Husband Anyway’

House For Sale Ad With Wife Goes Viral After Widow Agrees To Marry

A “house for sale” ad has gone viral, thanks to a very peculiar stipulation.

According to Time, the house is located in Indonesia and comes with a pond, a backyard, and a wife. The woman’s name is Wina Lia (pictured above).

Lia is a 40-year-old widow living near Yogyakarta in a village called Sleman. She agreed to put herself on the market along with the house after her realtor, Dian Purna Dirgantara, came up with the idea.

“Dian suggested I put up the tagline ‘Buy the house and marry the owner at the same time.’ And I said O.K. to it. I’m looking for a husband anyway,” said Lia.

Since Monday morning, Dian said they’ve been inundated with phone calls about the $76,500 home, though he wasn’t sure how many, “possibly hundreds.” In case you’re curious, no, you don’t have to marry Wina Lia if you want the house (though she seems like a nice girl).

“If someone just wants the house, they can have that,” Dian added.

Americans, before suggesting this house for sale ad is just a weird cultural practice in misogyny, rest assured that Wina Lia is very much in control of her faculties and is completely at peace with the decision. In fact, she’s even engaging in the type of behavior that many of your homegrown reality stars do.

She wants to parlay her viral fame into a singing career, according to a statement reported by Rappler.

(Tell me how that’s any different from the yearly parade of Bachelor/Bachelorette/Survivor “stars” that come down the pike.)

Do you think this “house for sale” ad is cute, bizarre, insane, or a little of everything? Sound off in the comments section.