Cleveland Browns Rumors: Johnny Manziel Not Planning To Play In 2015, Browns Looking For New Quarterback

The Cleveland Browns are facing some difficult rumors after sources close to Johnny Manziel say the troubled quarterback is ready to sit out the 2015 season.

After a successful college career at Texas A&M and high hopes for his NFL career, Manziel had a difficult first season in Cleveland. He struggled to see the field, and in his brief stint as a starter looked out of place. There were rumors from the Browns locker room that Manziel was too focused on partying and living the life of a celebrity and not focused enough on learning the play book.

This offseason Manziel announced that he would be going to rehab, and the team stood behind the decision.

"I applaud him for raising his hand and saying 'I need help,'" said owner Jimmy Haslam. "We're going to do everything we can to support him. Our primary interest is making sure that he gets well, if you will. Fixes himself."

But at the same time, the Cleveland Browns also appeared to be looking for a new quarterback. The team hired new quarterback coach Kevin O'Connell, one who happened to be working with top quarterback prospect Marcus Mariota.

Many league sources said they believed it was an attempt to circumvent strict no-contact rules with college players, but the Browns denied that was the case.

"I can see why they would say that. Let me say this. We didn't hire Kevin because he's training Marcus," Haslam said. "We didn't hire him because he trained Johnny last year. We hired him because -- and I've never met Kevin, let me say this -- but our people, particularly [coach Mike Pettine], think he's a very, very smart, competent offensive/quarterback coach. So I think it's important to understand that's why we hired him. OK?"

Now it appears there may have been truth to the rumors of a new quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. On his ESPN radio show, Tony Rizzo noted that sources inside the organization claimed Johnny Manziel would miss the entire season.

"I have to bring this up, I feel obligated to, and I'm not gonna reveal sources, but I have from good sources of mine, people that I've trusted in the past who've been right, not wrong, they say Johnny will not play at all this year," Rizzo said.

If the rumors are true, then the Cleveland Browns could likely try to move up in the NFL Draft in May, finding a quarterback who can replace Johnny Manziel.

[Image via NFL Now/Twitter]