Dog-Eating Crocodile Caught: 14-Foot Monster Crocodile Brought To Zoo In Australia

A dog-eating crocodile has been caught in Australia after weeks of attempts by wildlife specialists. According to Mail Online, the monster croc was captured, and brought to a nearby farm after it was seen eating dogs in the neighborhood, and making residents super uncomfortable, especially those with children.

“It was taking dogs from the community and posing a threat to kids in the area. A trap was set about a week ago and croc was caught on Thursday. We gave it some drugs, pulled it out of the trap and loaded it up on our skid trailer. Some crocs are worse than others but he wasn’t too bad,” Senior ranger Tom Nichols said.

The dog-eating crocodile caught measured about 14 feet in length. And while every crocodile won’t threaten pets or children, there have been several that have been removed from this area already this year. In fact, this particular croc was the 58th that was captured by authorities.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the crocodile was taken to a public place for the people in the community to view him before he was taken away. Town dwellers had an opportunity to check out the huge animal, and to ask questions about it, which was particularly interesting for the children in the area.

“We stopped in Adelaide River to wet him down and that gave the local kids, and adults too, a chance to see the croc and ask questions,” Mr. Nichols said.

Believe it or not, there are crocodiles that are bigger, and more ferocious than the one recently caught in Australia. According to ABC News, a 1-ton creature was caught in Uganda last year, and it wasn’t a dog-eater… it was a man-eater. It took four days for authorities to catch that particular crocodile.

“Authorities estimate the reptile is about 80-years-old and believe it’s responsible for killing a local resident as well as mauling several other people, a Uganda Wildlife Authority officer [said]. Wildlife officials used meat on a stick to bait the crocodile and catch it. It’ll be transferred by truck to Murchison Falls National Park in Lolim, Uganda.”

Animal rights activists will be happy to hear that both crocodiles mentioned above were not killed. Both were taken to areas where they will be looked after, but won’t be able to harm innocent people.

[Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images]