‘RHOBH’ Kim Richards Is Ignoring Her Sister After Child Enters Psychiatric Facility

RHOBH star Kim Richards is reportedly ignoring her sister following her child’s heartbreaking entry into a psychiatric facility.

On March 13, a source revealed the following to Radar Online.

“Kyle has texted Kim to check in regarding the hospitalization, but she hasn’t received any response. The sisters are further apart than ever even though Kim could use Kyle’s support. It’s just an incredibly sad situation because Kim has so much stress in her life including dealing with her beloved ex-husband, Monty’s terminal cancer.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the RHOBH star’s child, whose name was not revealed, was recently admitted into a mental health facility. According to the Radar Online report, the child has been battling depression for a number of years, and while the admission wasn’t involuntary, it allegedly came close.

In addition to Richards’ recent struggles with her child, she has also continued to deal with ex-husband Monty Brinson’s battle with cancer. As fans have seen on RHOBH, Richards has been overwhelmed with emotion because of her recent life happenings, and the absence of Kyle has likely taken its toll, as well.

Despite their issues, Kyle has reportedly reached out to the RHOBH star, but, for whatever reason, Richards isn’t quite ready to let her back into her life.

“Kyle is frustrated with Kim because she was willing to put their issues on hold, and to be ignored was just a slap in the face.”

As for the RHOBH’s child, Radar Online’s source claimed he or she was expected to remain in treatment for the next couple of weeks.

“Kim’s offspring is expected to remain in treatment and a patient at the hospital for the next two weeks. She has been visiting on a very routine basis, and is just heartbroken about the situation, but doesn’t want to discuss it with Kyle.”

For the last several years on RHOBH, the Richards sisters have been dealt with a number of issues, but always seem to find their way back to one another. However, after Season 5, things seem a bit different. Now, instead of getting back to their sisterly relationship, the pair have remained at odds, and Richards’ ongoing friendship with Brandi Glanville appears to have continued, despite the damage it caused her and Kyle throughout RHOBH Season 5.

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