President Barack Obama Reads 'Mean Tweets' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Margaret Minnicks

President Barack Obama appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC Thursday night for the first time. Even before he was interviewed by the host, Obama was a good sport and played along in Kimmel's "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment, where he read mean tweets about himself.

"Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" is one of Kimmel's funniest segments, where he gets celebrity guests to read mean tweets about themselves that are actual posts on Twitter. Several authors of the tweets acknowledged that President Obama read their tweets, according to Quartz.

Those who watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a regular basis know that while the tweets are supposed to be mean, they are also humorous, and some truth is embedded in the humor. For instance, a mean tweet was that Obama's hair seems to be grayer even though he doesn't seem to be one bit worried. Another tweet was about the president wearing jeans, and another one was about his love of golf. The tweet said in essence that Obama should be flown to a golf course half way around the world and left there.

Another tweet which brought a big smile to Obama's face was in the form of a question, "How do you get Obama's eyes to light up?" The answer was "Shine a light into his ears." That mean tweet was in reference to the president's big ears.

In one mean tweet, the president used the wording of the mean tweet to give a grammar lesson. After saying something mean, the person said, "Ha Ha" and ended it with "LOL." Obama said that was redundant.

The tweets about Obama were meant to be mean, but the president has a great sense of humor. At the end of his reading, he joked that the public should hear what the Senate would tweet about him.

After the "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" segment, the president sat down with Jimmy to talk about other things, according to Rolling Stone. First, Jimmy asked him a series of silly questions before talking about more serious things like the recent shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jimmy asked Obama if he got hungry during the night would he wake up someone to make him a sandwich. He asked him about his last opportunity to drive. The president told him a story about when he was test driving a friend's electric car, and the Secret Service was quite upset.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! turned out to be quite entertaining, which started out with Obama reading mean tweets about himself. If you were requested to write a mean tweet about President Obama, what would it be?

[Lead image via NBC]