WWE News: WWE Expecting Big Lawsuits To Come Over Bill Demott Controversy Soon

Joe Burgett

As we are all well aware by now, WWE has fired former WWE NXT head trainer Bill Demott. Matt Bloom, also known as Jason Albert, has taken over his duties on an interim basis. The interesting situation here is that it was said Triple H wanted to replace Demott some time back but was blocked by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. McMahon gave Demott a vote of confidence, allowing him to keep his job. Now that could be something he regrets.

WWE is expecting lawsuits to come over the Demott situation, according to the Wrestling Observer. Now, WWE has been careful to clearly admit no wrongdoing in statements about the issue. WWE is obviously wanting this to disappear, but that doesn't look likely at this point.

WWE does feel that they have an out when it comes to the lawsuits, however. It is said that there were WWE employees were aware of the complaints but didn't expect so many people to come forward. This is mainly because everyone usually aims to return to WWE one day, as it's their dream.

It was also said that while they were under contract to WWE, some of the talent who have been speaking out were asked about the allegations. At the time, they said the stories were not true.

The issue was that this wouldn't work in court. The reason why is because the stories regarding part of the issue with Demott was that when complaints would come up, things would get worse for them in training or in contact with Demott. So it makes total sense that they would deny issues at the time. If they did not, they would end up going through more issues.

In fact, there were stories of Demott bringing people to his office and pulling out his gun and waving it around. So who wouldn't deny a story while Bill Demott was around? This will clearly be brought up in lawsuits against Demott and WWE. Sadly, WWE has to take the bullet in all of this. Demott was merely an employee, and despite the fact he is no longer with the company, he was at the time these allegations arose.

The issue for WWE now is that they have to deal with the sins of Demott. We've already seen nearly a dozen allegations out against Demott, and it is expected many more will come. Here's the question we should probably be asking: How much money will WWE lose out of all of this?

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