65-Year-Old Man Scarred For Life After Wife Poured Pitcher Of Boiling Water On Him

Mark Woolner

A 65-year-old man has been left scarred for life as well as traumatised after his abusive wife poured a pitcher of boiling water over his head while the couple argued about household chores and finances.

Ken Gregory received some serious burns to his face head and back, as at least 14 percent of his body was burned during the row in the couple’s Peterborough bungalow in the UK last year.

The abusive wife, Teresa Gilbertson, aged 60, is now awaiting sentencing having been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Gregory.

As he told reporters,

Being attacked by a woman is nothing to be ashamed of. I had never imagined something like this would happen to me. As a man who is a bit older and who isn’t exactly small, there is a perception that you can’t be a victim of domestic violence. I was worried that people would assume that it was my fault and she was the victim – there is still a general perception that, as a strong man against a weaker female, you must have been the protagonist.

Gregory met his second wife through ballroom dancing after his first wife of 30 years passed away.

On the day of the attack, Gregory was set to take some fresh flowers to his late wife’s memorial as it was her birthday, but instead the couple argued and altercation ensued.

Gregory, who has limited mobility due to arthritis, said during the heated argument his wife left the room and returned with a pitcher of boiling water which she proceeded to tip over his head without warning.

Nevertheless, when police arrived after the incident, Gilbertson told them, “If I’d wanted to kill him, I’d have used a knife.”

Recalling the shocking incident, Gregory told reporters, “I was sitting with my back to her and it came without warning. It was unbearable, searing pain – I’d never known anything like it. Afterwards I could barely sleep as I couldn’t lie on my back.”

The accused woman, Gilbertson is due to be sentenced on March 24.

[Lead image via Simply Yumi.]