Teresa Giudice Cheating Scandal Update: Husband Joe Tipped Mistress $60?

Teresa Giudice’s husband, Joe, has been accused of cheating on her with 30-year-old Jamie Jackson, and while the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has publicly denied the claims, a new source insists he has been unfaithful and revealed new details about his time with Jackson.

According to a March 12 report by Radar Online, a source told In Touch Weekly magazine that Jackson was seen emerging from a hotel room at the Resorts Casino “buttoning her blouse and crying hysterically.”

The source alleged Teresa Giudice’s husband had spent time with Jackson in the room for about 20 minutes before Joe left her with $60 in cash.

“This [expletive] made me feel so cheap, he left three $20 bills on the nightstand!” she allegedly told others.

As for Teresa Giudice’s husband, he reportedly claimed he left the tip, which he supposedly claimed was actually $100, because Jackson had been “b*tching about car payments and rent payments.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Teresa Giudice’s husband spoke to Us Weekly shortly after the cheating scandal broke, insisting he and Jackson did not engage in an affair.

Once the In Touch Weekly cover hit the web, claiming Teresa Giudice’s wife had been caught cheating on her, and featuring several photos of Joe and Jackson, Joe spoke out, admitting that while he has met Jackson before, their interaction was professional, not personal.

“Everything InTouch is saying that happened between us are lies,” Joe told the magazine.

Jackson spoke out, as well.

“I definitely never slept with him… Nothing happened with me and Joe, I didn’t know him prior, nothing inappropriate happened at any time. We did not hook up, kiss, or anything more. I saw him at the two business meals and nothing more, it’s all made up bulls—.”

While In Touch Weekly claimed to have even more, yet unpublished, photos of Teresa Giudice’s husband and his alleged mistress, as well as a video of them making out, Joe said the story was simply untrue.

“This story doesn’t make any sense. I said ‘Really? I doubt it, but if you do then God bless you, I don’t know where you got it from.’…Let’s get real here, if I’m going to make out with a girl, is it going to be in the middle of Carmine’s? No way.”

Teresa Giudice is scheduled to be released from prison in early 2016. Because of her incarceration, she has yet to respond to the allegations against her husband.

[Photo via Twitter]