Drunk Secret Service Agents Drive Through Bomb Scene Investigation [Report]

Drunk Secret Service agents

The Secret Service agents who allegedly got drunk and crashed their car near the White House on March 4 not only disgraced the office they serve, but reportedly drove through an suspected bomb scene investigation.

It was a tough day for those protecting the people’s house in Washington, D.C., according to a report in the Washington Post. The investigation of the incident is centered on two senior Secret Service agents, one of whom is a top supervisor on President Obama’s personal detail.

Police reports and interviews conducted by the newspaper reveal that on Wednesday of last week, a woman driving a blue Toyota stopped by the southeast entrance of the White House at about 10:25 p.m. She got out of her car and held a package, wrapped in a green shirt and approached the Secret Service agent at that location.

“I’m holding an [expletive] bomb,” she yelled, according to an anonymous source familiar with the investigation.

An altercation in which the agent attempted to subdue the woman, who had gotten in the car and was attempting to drive away, ensued. However, the woman fled the scene.

The Secret Service secured the area with yellow tape and called for the bomb unit to investigate the suspicious package for potential explosives. A few moments later, according to this source, two-senior agents approached the area and drove through the cordoned scene.

The incident was caught on surveillance tape and those familiar with details of the investigation stated the secret service agents were allegedly drunk and drove through the tape, hitting the package, which was still in the location where the suspect had dropped it. After driving through the police tape, the car crashed against one of the temporary barricades.

Secret Service personnel on duty Wednesday night, believed the two agents were drunk because of their unpredictable behavior and wanted to arrest them. However, a senior member on duty at the time told the officers to let the agents go.

The package was examined by the experts at the scene and determined not to be a bomb. At 11:45 p.m. the all clear was given and the package opened to reveal a book.

The situation with the senior Secret Service agents, who were reportedly drunk after attending a work gathering a few blocks away from the White House, is the latest in a series of scandals that have plagued the agency in the last few years.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said President Obama was disappointed to learn about the March 4 incident. However, Obama is giving director Joseph Clancy his support to continue to lead the agency despite recent shortcomings. These include an incident in which a fence jumper breached security and was able to enter into the East Room.

“Nobody has higher standards for the Secret Service than Director Clancy,” Schultz said.

The latest incident surrounding the allegedly drunk Secret Service agents has led lawmakers to question whether the President and his family are properly protected. Clancy has asked the Homeland Security Department to oversee the investigation.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Image]