Madonna Was Raped At 19 — Didn’t Report It Because She Was ‘Already Violated’

Madonna was raped when she was just 19-years-old, but she didn’t report the crime — like most victims — because she was too scared. She talked more about the violent assault on an interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday. The Daily Mail reports that the 56-year-old pop icon said it just wasn’t worth it after she had been violated in the first place, back when she was barely an adult, yet still a teenage girl, in a big new city where she didn’t know anybody.

She recounted the details of the rape to Howard Stern, sharing that she was fresh from Michigan to the streets of New York. She was naive and trusting of everyone she met — unaccustomed to the rough-and-tumble life that the streets of NYC offered, especially to a young pretty girl.

“I was going to a dance class and the door was locked and I needed money for the pay phone. [He] gave it to me. He was a very friendly guy. I trusted everybody.”

She made a mistake by trusting the unknown man who let her into his apartment. That’s when he pulled her to his rooftop and raped her by knifepoint. When the ordeal was over, she was let go by the man, lucky to have survived. After all, she had gone into this man’s apartment, where he could have done far more than rape her. Madonna — who was known then as Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone — told a biographer that she was left shaking and crying on the rooftop after the event took place. The New York Daily News reported on the assault that she first talked about in 2013.

It’s unfortunate that Madonna chose not to report the violent sexual assault, but she is not alone. The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network shares that rape is one of the most underreported crimes, with 68 percent of victims suffering in silence. Victims of rape are not only victimized by the actual act of rape done on them, but they are left fearing whether or not their loved ones will believe them, or if the society in which they live will blame them.

Madonna is also not the only celebrity to speak out about being a victim of rape. Oprah Winfrey, Lady GaGa, and Gabrielle Union are all past victims of sexual assault. Famed musician Tori Amos was also a victim of rape, and even wrote a song about it titled Me and a Gun.

[Photo: Bloggeritis/ Madonna at the age of 19-years-old]