Woman Behind Eric Garner Death Video Claims NYPD Have Targeted, Beaten Her

Taisha Allen has claimed that she’s been both targeted and beaten by police, something that she insists is the result of her recording Eric Garner’s death.

During an interview with PIXA 11 News, Allen claims that the injury to her arm and several bruises that she has are from police officers who used excessive force.

Discussing the incident, Allen explained that NYPD officers attacked her around two weeks ago, and that it unfolded as they tried to arrest some of her friends.

“He was like, ‘Oh, you’re the [expletive] from the Eric Garner case.’ He grabs me, throws me over the gate and beats me with the baton on my back. He drags me from the gate then took my arms and said ‘stop resisting arrest,’ ” Allen declared.

Allen was insistent that police had an issue because she was the woman who recorded Garner being taken down to the ground and then rendered unresponsive by officers.

In fact, Allen declared that the NYPD officers who used excessive force on her made a pointed reference to the incident, remarking, “The officer said, ‘You are that little girl from the Eric Garner case’.”

The incident featuring Allen being allegedly attacked was also filmed. However, the footage collected is particularly grainy, and you can only hear her screaming.

Allen’s friend has admitted that she strolled through a park located behind her building on Staten Island, which is illegal at night. After being caught, police admitted to PIX11 that they planned to simply give Allen’s friend a summons. However, when they learned that there was a warrant for her arrest, she was arrested.

Allen then decided to jump in and protest her friend’s arrest. This is when police decided to turn and focus their attention on Allen, and after processing her information, they soon learned that there was a warrant out for Allen’s arrest, too.

The NYPD have insisted that Allen’s bruises and injured arm were the result of her losing control. Officers have explained that she pushed a cop and then climbed over a fence as she sought to avoid arrest.

Just a few days later, Allen was arrested yet again for assault, while the NYPD have confirmed that they have now started to investigated Allen’s claims.

In July, 43-year-old Garner was killed after a police officer put him into a chokehold. He was unarmed, and the decision for the police officer involved not to be indicted caused outrage at the end of 2014.

After the incident, Allen was interviewed by CBS New York, where she declared, “It’s crazy, and I was like, ‘Perform CPR on him,’ and they was like, ‘He don’t need CPR.’ He was not breathing at the time’.”

[Image via WPIX]