‘Tron 3’ Untitled Sequel Has Been Greenlit, Will A Third ‘Tron’ Film Be Upon Us Soon?

Tron, the film that brought computer nerd and science fiction geeks together, also ushered in a new era of special effects. Though they seem primitive to today’s standards, they were quite revolutionary in their time. That was 1982.

Twenty-eight years later, a cult following managed to produce 2010’s Tron Legacy. Tron Legacy raked in $400 million at the box office, though it had mixed reviews. All signs pointed to a sequel, but many had begun to give up hope by 2015.

However, according to Vancity Buzz, Vancouver, Canada, has been chosen for the filming location of the long-awaited third installment to the Tron franchise. Tron Legacy was also filmed there.

So far, the cast remains mostly unconfirmed. Garrett Hedlund has been confirmed to return to his previous role.

Hedlund played Sam Flynn, son of the Grid creator and star of the original 1982 Tron film, Kevin Flynn. Tron Legacy saw Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, who played Quorra, riding off into the sunset in the real world. Presumably, she would return, but there has not been any confirmation thus far.

Quorra was essential to Tron Legacy‘s plot, as she was the last of the ISOs, a race of human-like beings formed in the Grid.

Hollywood Reporter reports that another member of the Tron Legacy team is confirmed to return. Joseph Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy and Oblivion, will return to the director’s chair once more. Disney is looking to start filming October 5, 2015, according to Comicbook.

The principal actors of the original Tron film, Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, are yet to be confirmed. The man who was and is Tron has been keeping the rumors alive about a third installment. Boxleitner, according to Craveonline, suggested in January that Tron 3 could shoot this year.

“All I know is, they don’t tell me anything, but they want to do it I would say probably the end of this year, for 2015 maybe. They don’t have any dates but I’m thinking from the scuttlebutt I’m hearing that’s it”

Though current reports have very little in the way of information about the plot, or confirmed actors, Tron himself has a lot to say. The ending, according to Boxleitner, is more about beginnings than endings.

“That’s what I’m told, but you didn’t hear me say that. I think it’s going to be a lot about taking the company back because if you remember Sam Flynn says to Alan at the end, just before he rides his bike off into the sunrise with Quorra, says, ‘We’re going to take the company back.’ That’s not the end of the movie. That’s the beginning of the next one. That’s foreshadowing. And you don’t get Cillian Murphy to do an unscripted cameo.”

Certainly, being in the real world, Boxleitner’s Alan Bradley would have a lot more to do. Though, Tron was not killed in Tron Legacy. Who knows what the future could be programmed to be. End of line.

[Image via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons/Djakrse]