Florida Judge Rules Man Must Take Wife on Date to Red Lobster

Fort Lauderdale, Florida- A judge in Broward County, Florida has made international headlines after an unconventional ruling in a domestic assault case in his jurisdiction- ordering a man who came before him to take his wife on a date to Red Lobster.

While domestic violence is certainly a very grave matter, Judge John “Jay” Hurley said the incident- in which Plantation, Florida resident Joseph Bray raised a fist to his wife but did not strike her- was mild and a “minor incident, in the court’s opinion.” After confirming Bray’s wife did not fear him and that the man had never been in trouble before, he began to ask the woman- with whom the altercation began after Bray had failed to acknowledge her birthday- about her wishes for an ideal birthday celebration.

After confirming her favorite activities and restaurant, Judge Hurley made the unusual ruling, and ordered Bray to essentially go on a date with his own wife. The Judge said:

“He’s going to stop by somewhere and he’s going to get some flowers. And then he’s going to go home, pick up his wife, get dressed, take her to Red Lobster. And then after they have Red Lobster, they’re going to go bowling.”

Lest it be suggested that the ruling makes light of violence in the home, the Judge clarified that there were several factors that were taken into account when considering the unusual ruling. Hurley explained:

“The court would not normally do that if the court felt there was some violence but this is very, very minor and the court felt that that was a better resolution than other alternatives.”

In addition, Bray and his wife have been ordered to attend marital counseling within the week.

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