Nick Gordon: Was His Intervention Damage Control? Reports Claim He’s A Fake, Dr. Phil Says Otherwise

Nick Gordon isn’t the most popular guy making headlines right now, and after last night’s interview, many news outlets and fans aren’t too pleased with Dr. Phil either.

The seemingly “chaotic” interview has received a staggering number of mixed reviews. But, nevertheless, Dr. Phil is defending his decision to sit down with Nick Gordon.He’s even going a step further, speaking out in his defense. It has been reported that Nick’s attorneys initially sought Dr. Phil’s help because they fear for his life.

According to Hollywood Life, the interview was so out of control, many wondered if it was real or a scripted dramatization. However, Dr. Phil insists the interview, which became an intervention, was real, and Nick was “not capable” of conducting a real interview. During an interview with Access Hollywood, he shared details about Nick’s behavior. He also recounted his first interaction with Nick before they began taping the interview.

Apparently, Nick had been abusing alcohol and Xanax prior to his arrival. He also revealed Nick was inconsolable and unable to walk when he arrived. Footage of Nick’s first breakdown has also been released by Mail Online.

“I went in to Atlanta to do an interview with Nick Gordon and wound up doing an intervention with Nick Gordon. They’re concerned for his very life, his very well-being and so much so that the ability to sit down and do an interview with him, his ability to sit down and give an interview, [was] just not an option,” Dr. Phil explained. “That was the whole purpose of going in, to talk to him about how he feels and what he thinks is going on and all of the history about this whole situation… I get there, he is not capable of giving an interview. He is out of control.”

“From the time I started interacting with him, he was so animated that he would be talking for a minute, and then he would jump up and run out of the room and [was] knocking people out of the way and pushing people out of the way,” Dr. Phil revealed. “So I suspect he had contact with more than two people there. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.”

Nick’s mother Michelle Gordon was also present. She reportedly spoke on Nick’s behalf throughout the interview because he had trouble staying focused due to sporadic outbursts. However, one aspect of the interview that has caught the attention of viewers is Nick’s account of what happened the night before Bobbi Kristina’s near-drowning incident.

Since the incident is currently being investigated, it was reported that he would not be allowed to offer details about the incident. So, his mother opened up with alleged details about the incident, revealing Nick and Bobbi Kristina had gotten into an argument the night before.

“Nick walked away from the argument,” she said. “He went to another bedroom to fall asleep,” while Bobbi “went up to her room and drew a bath…Nicholas was able to do CPR on her for 15 minutes. The police arrived, and they didn’t help him. No one helped him until the EMTs got there.”

Her account leads many to wonder if the interview was orchestrated as a form of damage control to prove Nick is mentally unstable. Although Dr. Phil confirmed the interview/intervention was requested by Nick’s attorneys, it leads many to wonder if there was an underlying purpose.


Here are some of the comments that have been posted via social media:

“I feel the whole interview was staged. Nick G is trying to act crazy because of guilt. NG was a very good actor I did not know if a person was that full of drugs and alcohol would be so coherence.”

“He was acting like a crazy person with Dr. Phil. But what surprised me the most about Nick is that he was so well spoken and kind of intelligent, though distraught. I thought he would sound like a ignorant fool the minute he opened his mouth and just come off as a trainwreck, i mean he kind of did come off as a train wreck, but not in the way that i expected.”

Nick Gordon reportedly checked into a rehabilitation facility following the interview.

What do you think Nick Gordon’s behavior during the interview/intervention with Dr. Phil? Share your thoughts.

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