Boy Sells Hot Chocolate To Donate Funds To Hospital That Cared For Friend With Cancer

Hot Chocolate Mind-Altering? The Answer is Surprising

Hot chocolate means a lot more than just something to drink on a cold winter day. Eight-year-old Tristan Regini used a simple cup of hot chocolate to express his friendship with Cade Humphreys, who was battling cancer, and to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora that treated him during his illness.

According to the Huffington Post, Tristan set up a hot chocolate stand at his Denver, Colorado, home on February 28. He expected to sell the hot chocolate to passersby on a limited basis, but his hot chocolate stand has grown into a money-making business.

Selling hot chocolate wasn’t meant just to help customers quench their thirst. Tristan was selling cups of hot chocolate to raise money as a way to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff for caring for his friend while he was under their care.

Tristan told NBC News, “The Children’s Hospital saved his life, so now I am trying to sponsor it even more.”

Tristan sells a cup of plain hot chocolate for $1, and if marshmallows are included, each cup of hot chocolate is $2. Tristan has raised $3,000 from the sales of hot chocolate, donations, and pledges. It is interesting because Tristan’s first idea was to open his hot chocolate stand to get just enough money to buy a toy for his friend. However, generosity from the public was so overwhelming that he has decided to give half of his profits to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Tristan’s friend was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago. He has shown no evidence of cancer since last April. That’s because he went through everything the doctors recommended, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Tristan is glad his friend is well again.

“If there were no Children’s Hospital, there would be no Cade.”

Cade is well enough now to join his friend at the hot chocolate stand and help him sell cups of hot chocolate so they can donate more money to the hospital to help other sick children. Tristan is indeed a little entrepreneur whose hot chocolate stand has attracted many people to donate to a worthy cause. According to NBC News, the words “Hot Coco” are written in bold letters on a bright yellow sign advertising the hot chocolate.

Elizabeth Whitehead, a spokesperson for Children’s Hospital, expressed thanks to Tristan for his charity work in the community. She says that the hospital depends on gifts and donations, whether large or small.

Are you amazed that a cup of hot chocolate could make such a great impact? Would you buy a cup of Tristan’s hot chocolate if you were in the area?