Two Ferguson Police Officers Shot Outside Police Department [Breaking]

Two Ferguson police officers have been shot outside the city’s police department, according to breaking news reports as well as on-the-scene accounts from Twitter.

The policemen have not been named, but both were loaded into ambulances and rushed to Barnes Hospital. Thus far, nothing is known about the extent or the severity of the injuries, though U.S. Rep. Lacy Clay of Missouri’s 1st District has released a statement calling the new round of Ferguson shootings “just awful.”

Other accounts said the shots were fired on late Wednesday night as police were wearing riot gear amid continued protests.

The Ferguson Police Department has come under fire since the August shooting of unarmed robbery suspect Mike Brown.

Brown was killed by former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who was found to be justified in the killing after forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts determined that Brown had attacked Wilson while Wilson was in his car.

Attorney General Eric Holder found that Wilson was justified in fearing for his life and acting accordingly, but that hasn’t quelled the rage at what some feel is a racially prejudiced police department.

And despite Holder’s exoneration of Wilson, his report on the Ferguson PD was considerably more scathing, and has been followed by multiple resignations.

Police Chief Thomas Jackson is expected to step down on March 19. Judge Ronald Brockmeyer and City Manager John Shaw have preceded Jackson with resignations earlier this week, according to USA Today.

As you can see from some of these tweets, not all are in agreement. Did they come from the protesters, did they not come from the protesters? This is a developing situation, so bear that in mind and stay tuned to the Inquisitr for further developments.