Anna Duggar’s Sister Priscilla Taking Notes From Duggars? Talks About Forgoing Sleep For Time With Husband

Anna Duggar’s sister, Priscilla Waller, recently sat down to film a YouTube video for her third wedding anniversary with husband David Waller. It seems that Priscilla has been taking notes from Anna’s mother-in-law, Michelle Duggar. Michelle frequently talks about the different “seasons in life” in regards to raising children and being a good wife. Michelle has also been vocal about some of the sacrifices she has made to ensure she has quality time with her husband, Jim Bob Duggar. Notably, Michelle has said that she always makes herself available to her husband for sex as it is an important part of their overall relationship. It appears that Priscilla agrees noting that she often forgoes sleep, even when tired, to spend quality time with her husband.

In the YouTube video uploaded to David Waller’s personal account, Priscilla and David can be seen sitting next to one another on a couch holding their newest addition to the family, their baby girl, Davia. The couple first notes that they recently celebrated their third year of marriage. Priscilla says. “it is hard to believe it has been three years, but on the other hand it is hard to believe it has only been three years.” Both David and Priscilla claim that the last three years have been the best years of their life and that they are glad they have been able to spend it together. However, they note it hasn’t come without difficulties.

In fact, Priscilla notes that it takes “a little bit longer” to get ready in the mornings now with two children, and sometimes it can be a struggle. However, she says that a big part of real love is giving to others without any expectation of anything in return.

“Love is giving to others basic needs without having as my motive personal reward.”

One way that she gives to her husband is by not immediately going to sleep when she is tired or worn out from the day. Instead, she says she will skip a little sleep to ensure she has some quality time with her husband.

“After the kids are in bed, and it’s like, ‘Ah, it’s finally time and I’m exhausted so let’s go to sleep or things like that. But me being able to say, ‘No, let’s invest in each other’s life.”

The couple says that marriage is not how Hollywood would like to portray it. Instead, it takes sacrifice and real love. This includes forgiveness. The Wallers say it is always important to be quick to forgive. Priscilla says she makes mistakes “everyday” and David is always quick to forgive her.

In another YouTube video, Anna Duggar and Priscilla Waller made an announcement directly to brides, noting that wedding days “are not your day.”

What do you think about the Wallers marriage advice? Does Priscilla’s advice sound similar to Michelle Duggar’s advice on a happy marriage?