Attention Brides: Wedding Days ‘Are Not Your Day’, Anna Duggar and Priscilla Waller Talk Relationships

Anna Duggar and her sister Priscilla Waller talk about courting, marriage, and dish out some relationship advice in a new YouTube video uploaded to the Duggar Family Blog.

The pair discuss how Priscilla’s relationship with now-husband David Waller began three years ago this week. Anna discusses how David called Josh Duggar to request Anna’s father’s phone number so he could request permission to begin courting Priscilla.

In the video, the women give an abundance of advice to girls still looking for the perfect man. Here is an overview of some of the advice given in the video.

  • Priscilla says, “Expectations will ruin a good relationship.” She notes that if you are waiting on a man to come sweep you off your feet, you may overlook a potential partner.
  • Waller noted that “sometimes its hard to be patient but it is definitely worth it.” Priscilla was 25 when she began courting, at this time her sister was already married and had two children. However, she says the wait was worth it to find her husband David.
  • “God works through authority. Trust God and trust that God is guiding your parents,” Priscilla says. She notes that sometimes a girl may have a reservation or caution about a potential suitor. However, always trust in God. He may change the parents’ minds, if not, trust in him.
  • Both Duggar and Waller note that it is important to always have a chaperone when courting. This will help you remain pure for the Lord.
  • Anna Duggar crushes a common American notion by saying, “Yes in America we say it is all about the bride and it is her day. But I remember God speaking to me in my heart and saying, ‘It’s not your day. It’s my day.’ We need to focus on this is God’s day and we need to bring him glory.”

What do you think about Anna Duggar and Priscilla Waller’s relationship advice?

Anna isn’t the only Duggar giving advice for marriage. Michelle Duggar discusses how to maintain a healthy sex life by “always being available for sex.”

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