Kate Middleton Recycles Old Outfit — Duchess Sick Of Pressure To Look Stunning Every Day?

When Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, recycles, it means something different from when other people recycle. For most of us, recycling means dumping a stack of old magazines or soda cans in a special plastic bin. For Kate Middleton to recycle means to wear the same outfit today that you wore two years ago.

That’s why recycling became the term du jour in the royal-watching media Wednesday when Duchess Kate showed up for a visit to Margate’s Turner Contemporary art gallery in Kent wearing a dalmatian print coat that astute fashionistas recalled that she also wore on one occasion in 2013.

Kate Middleton is now about eight months pregnant with the second royal baby produced by the Duchess and her husband, England’s future king, Prince William. She wore the same $250 coat on one occasion, when she christened the cruise ship Royal Princess — when she was pregnant with the royal couple’s first child, Prince George.

While some media outlets praised the knee-length coat for showcasing the Kate Middleton baby bump, it seems clear that for a heavily pregnant woman who faces the demands of being photographed thousands of times daily, at least when she shows her face for a public appearance, the dalmatian coat is simply comfortable.

Royal watchers also noted the thriftiness of Middleton’s overall look, which featured her hair simply pulled back into a Plain Jane ponytail.

Duchess Kate Middleton helps schoolchildren with an art project during her visit to the Turner Contemporary gallery Wednesday.
Duchess Kate Middleton helps schoolchildren with an art project during her visit to the Turner Contemporary gallery Wednesday.

“Unlike in 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge did not wear a matching hat, instead opting to tie her long, dark tresses back into a smart ponytail, keeping her hair tidy despite the coastal sea breeze,” wrote US Weekly Magazine, which keeps a running record of every outfit donned by the Duchess, apparently.

“Under her animal print coat, the seven-months pregnant Princess wore a plain black shift dress. She accessorized her look with Annoushka earrings, a Mulberry clutch, and a pair of black Stuart Weitzman pumps,” the magazine recounted.

The Duchess has long been noted for her passionate interest in art, and her Wednesday morning visit to Margate took her to the Turner Contemporary’s latest exhibit, Self: Image and Identity. Presumably, the topic of self image would be one in which Kate Middleton would have a deep personal connection.

Whether she actually decided to recycle a previous outfit, or simply opted for comfort rather than giving in to the pressure to wear brand new clothes every single day of her life, especially as she enters the final stages of her pregnancy, only she knows.

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