Is Kate Middleton Dominated By Bossy Mom Carole?

Kate Middleton may be one of the most famous woman on the planet and wife to the future King of England, but is the Duchess still in thrall to her controlling mom Carole?

It’s no secret that Kate Middleton has a lot in common with her hordes of adoring fans. Kate’s girl next door appeal is an essential part of the Duchess’s popularity. Everyday women folk relate to Kate because like them, she is “common,” perversely fond of high-street fashion, slightly awkward in social situations, and above all, like many women her age, Kate appears to still be walking in the shadow of her mother.

Let’s look at the facts. Kate’s mom Carole Middleton is what one might call a self-made woman. This great granddaughter of a Durham miner, a working class brick if you will, pulled herself up by her breeches and the endeavours of her naked ambition to become a true middle-class battle-axe in every sense of the word.

The former flight attendant who set up the highly-successful online retail site Party Pieces didn’t need to marry a Prince to make her millions, she did it all through her own grunt, groan, and tenacious audacity.

The Middleton matriarch is a formidable figure. Why even the Queen’s eldest and heir apparent, Prince Charles, was rumoured to be so concerned about the “March of the Middletons” under the banner of “Queen Carole,” that the Daily Mail reported he believes Kate’s mom is stopping him from seeing his grandson Prince George.

And only last week, the Daily Mail reported that Carole Middleton has moved in as “Royal Housekeeper” at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official residence at Anmer Hall.

It is believed that 60-year-old Carole and her 65-year-old husband Michael Middleton will now stay at Anmer Hall at least until Kate’s second child arrives.

A family friend explained, “When George arrived, Kate and William moved into Kate’s parents’ house. This time the Middletons are moving in to Anmer with William and Kate. There is plenty of space and Kate really wants her mother around. At the moment Carole is getting everything in place because the baby is due around April 25.”

Now as we all know, living with mom and dad when you’re a full grown adult is a recipe for stress and claustrophobic tension, no matter how many rooms your mansion has. And as for living with the in-laws, well, let’s just say it’s no surprise Prince William was so keen to jet off to India to save the elephants.

Alarmingly, Carole moved herself in after William’s housekeeper and gardener abruptly quit after just five months at Anmer. More disturbingly still, a source told the Mail that the Norfolk mansion is “not run like a proper royal household. It’s too middle class.”

Is Carole Middleton’s machiavellian hand at work here one wonders? Is Kate, who does appear somewhat wishy, washy at times, being pushed into a corner by her domineering mom?

Kate Middleton's Mom

Sources say that Kate can be ‘tetchy’ when pregnant and can only be placated by her mother. Is placated simply a euphemism for being put in one’s place one wonders?

Either way, Carole Middleton looks likely to continue to wield a massive influence in the life of not just the Duchess, but Prince George and his sibling to be, and one can’t help wondering that when Queen Elizabeth finally vacates the throne, who’ll be the real puppet master pulling the strings in the royal corridors of power? Until then, mum’s the word!