Police Dog Attacks 11-Year-Old Boy During Search For Fugitive In Hotel [Video]

A police dog attacked an 11-year-old boy during a search for a fugitive Monday afternoon. News Channel 3 reports that the incident happened in Virginia Beach at an America's Best Inn, the boy's grandfather, Spencer Luedke, says. The boy and his mother were staying there at the time when Virginia Beach Police were searching through the building with K9s to find a bank robbery suspect. A theft had happened at a Wells Fargo a short time before.

Police say as soon as the K9 team began their search, the boy came down the hallway and ran into one of the dogs. The police dog attacked the boy in reaction to being startled. Law enforcement helped the boy and is mother until rescue teams arrived at the scene. The child was treated at a hospital, received some stitches, and was released.

13 Now New reports that the boy's name is Cameran Perkins. His mother, Amanda Luedke, said her best friend was also staying in the hotel and that she informed her that her boyfriend was a suspect. Police apprehended Joshua Allen.

Luedke says she and Cameron are in the process of moving to North Carolina and wanted to visit relatives in Virginia Beach.

Police released a statement regarding the police dog attack of Cameran.

"As the K-9 team was moving into position to assist in the arrest of the suspect an 11-year-old boy emerged from a corridor of the motel and ran into the K-9 dog. The K-9 dog reacted by biting the child. First aid was immediately rendered to the child and officers remained with the child and his mother until rescue responded."
Police say it appeared that Cameran had only one bite wound, but his mother disagrees. She recounts going outside of the hotel where she met her son, who'd gone out a different exit to meet her out front during the fugitive search.
"I told Cameran to turn around to go back into the hotel room. As he went to turn around, he turned to the left and the dog jumped on his back and took him to the ground. The officer proceeded to tell the dog to release at least eight times as I'm trying to grab my son from the dog's mouth. Finally the dog released, I grabbed my son. The dog still continued to attack both of us."

"You can see on his back that the dog let go and latched back on again. He's got one big laceration that they stitched three times, left half of it open just in case there was an infection (so) everything can drain out. There's still four teeth marks on the other side of his back."

According to Luedke, the police dog latched onto her son for at least five minutes. She claims no one tried to help them; it was just she, Cameran, and the K9 handler who was holding onto the dog with a leash.

Virginia Beach Police say the K9 that bit the boy is still in service, but the officer is on administrative duty until the investigation is complete.

Photos from the police dog attack of the boy can be seen here. Warning: they are graphic.

[Photo Credit: Screenshot News Channel 13]