Parker Rice: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frat Member Who Led Racist Song Expelled, But Claims Song Is SAE Tradition

Parker Rice was identified as the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat member who led a racist song on board a party bus, and expelled for the incident, but now the 19-year-old University of Oklahoma is claiming that the song was something of an SAE tradition.

Video of the racist song surfaced on Sunday, showing drunken frat members singing “There will never be a n***** SAE” to the tune of “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” The song goes on to reference lynching African-Americans.

Parker Rice was identified on Tuesday as the bow-tie wearing student who led the song, singing it with enthusiasm and encouraging other SAE members to join in. Now, it’s cost Parker his education. A report from CNN claimed that Parker was expelled from the University of Oklahoma.

But in an apology issued to the Dallas Morning News, Parker claims that the decision to leave the university was his own.

“I am deeply sorry for what I did Saturday night. It was wrong and reckless. I made a horrible mistake by joining into the singing and encouraging others to do the same,” he wrote.

“On Monday, I withdrew from the university… I admit it likely was fueled by alcohol consumed at the house before the bus trip, but that’s not an excuse.”

Parker Rice also tried to distance himself from the song, saying it “was taught to us.” There would seem to be evidence to back up his assertion. Last month, a Reddit user wrote an account of the University of Texas branch of SAE singing the same exact song (the comment has been deleted in the wake of the University of Oklahoma controversy).

The racist SAE song led to an immediate response. The university closed the frat and ordered all members to vacate the home within 24 hours. The national Sigma Alpha Epsilon also disbanded the University of Oklahoma branch.

There have been other effects as well. Rapper Waka Flocka Flame canceled a planned concert at OU, calling the chant “disgusting.” Four-star football recruit Jean Delance also pulled out of his commitment to attend Oklahoma following the release of the racist video.

University of Oklahoma students have also turned on Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Parker Rice as well. The now-vacant frat house was vandalized, with someone writing “tear it down” in black spray paint.

Some of the SAE frat members also received death threats after the video emerged.

Though Parker Rice was the ringleader of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon racist chant, he was not the only University of Oklahoma frat member identified as a participant. Levi Pettit was also named, and issued an apology for his behavior.

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