'Revolution' Alum Tracy Spiridakos Talks Joining Cast Of 'Bates Motel'

Revolution alum Tracy Spiridakos no longer has to worry about trying to get the power back on. Now she has to worry about being in the crosshairs of Norma and Norman Bates. Tracy Spiridakos joined the cast of Bates Motel for the start of its third season as a character named Annika Johnson.

While guests to the hotel are never all that welcome, even if they bring money, Tracy Spiridakos' character is bringing a new kind of challenge. She is described by Entertainment Weekly as the kind of guest the Bates just aren't used to having around much at all. "Annika's a very different person to show up on their steps," Tracy Spiridakos said, speaking with the website about her character's introduction in Monday night's premiere. "For somebody like Norman, you need somebody who maybe has been through a troubled past and is traveling around and being very free. It's an interesting dynamic to watch."

Despite the fact that Annika isn't too shy about flirting with Norman and her carefree spirit, Tracy Spiridakos claims she really isn't out to cause trouble. It's a pretty good bet that even if she hasn't set out to cause it, there will be trouble following her at some point this season. Because she's a guest star instead of someone who is being added to the cast as a long term addition, it's safe to say Tracy Spiridakos' character may not be around all that long.

One thing for sure is that the role will be quite a bit different than her previous starring turn. The actress said taking on a project like this is definitely different. "Learning to walk in heels again is always very interesting, 'cause I don't really wear them [in] my own personal life. But yeah -- it was such a different character and I had a complete blast. Not having dirt on my face was a difference for sure," she said.

As with most of the characters, Annika's turn in the show will almost certainly bring a number of secrets to light. That has always been part of the fun of Bates Motel. Whenever a new character is introduced into this world, seeing why they are the way they are is always rather interesting to unravel. Tracy Spiridakos' Annika flirting with Norman will add another level to the program. Just how long Tracy Spiridakos' character will survive Norma's wrath is anyone's guess.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]