Jak and Daxter Collection coming to PlayStation Network

The Jak and Daxter Collection, a compilation of the first three Jak and Daxter games with remastered graphics, sound and stereoscopic 3D support, will be available at a retailer near you on February 7–and also on the PlayStation Network, Sony announced yesterday.

Instead of being bundled together in one big download, similar to the retail copy, each of the remastered Jak and Daxter games will instead be released individually on the PlayStation Network. Sony didn’t say how much they plan to charge for each remastered title, but it is known that the retail version runs about $39.99, if that helps.

In case you’ve never played a Jak and Daxter game before, here’s a rundown of each of the three remastered titles, Jak and Daxter, Jak II and Jak III, courtesy of Sony:

JAK AND DAXTER: While exploring some ancient ruins on a forbidden island off the coast, Jak’s best friend, Daxter, is knocked into a vat of Dark Eco–a terrifying and deadly substance that could corrupt the world forever — transforming him into a weasel-like rodent. The village sage, Samos Hagai, tells Jak that there’s only one person who holds the secrets to transforming Daxter back. Now the pair must set out on a quest in search of a wise old sage who has the power to restore Daxter to his former self.

JAK II: In this darker themed follow-up to Jak and Daxter, hero Jak tries to control the dark eco injected into his system and, with his sidekick Daxter, attempts to thwart the tyrannical powers ruining Haven City. Players earn the chance to wield four heavy-duty weapons, they can jack any vehicle in the massive open city, and they have a chance to use a jetboard to navigate special platform levels.

JAK III: Jak and his faithful companion Daxter are exiled to the unforgiving wasteland, where survival of the fittest is the law of the land. But deadly lands and dangerous creatures are only the beginning. Soon, the worst nightmare imaginable finds Jak’s world, threatening to annihilate all life with eternal darkness… This third chapter offers an exciting new open world that stretches from the farthest reaches of the wasteland to the strife-torn heart of the city.